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About us

Van Der Haegen & Neckebroeck, the linen wholesaler.

Vast years of expertise in the import and export of home linen, has established the Belgian company “Van der Haegen & Neckebroek” as a market reference and preferred partner when it comes to decorating Western European homes. Customer care is a core value for this family business.

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Our clientele & products

We serve both multinationals and small and medium-sized businesses, offering them an extensive range of products for the decoration of bedrooms and living areas. This includes quilt cover sets, table cloths, plaids, curtains, and cushions, alongside trendier article sets such as wall hangers and futahs. By maintaining a consistent and permanent inventory range, we can guarantee fast deliveries of a wide selection of our products.

Founded in 1934

The house was founded in 1934, and has been importing textiles from Pakistan, China and India for over 30 years. Throughout these years our teams of regional colleagues have established tight-knit relationships with key suppliers and gained extensive knowledge of the supplier markets. At our headquarters in Ninove, customers and local branches are supported daily by a dynamic crew.

Collections & Trends

A close cooperation between our in-house stylist/designer and several external design studios, enables Van Der Haegen & Neckebroek to offer two house collections. The well-known house collection “Creation Dourev”, is now completed with an additional new collection line: “My little place”. The latter targets the newest trends.

basic . regular . selection . supreme
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Design your own collection

Want to design your own collection? Absolutely, we've been helping companies create and develop full collections under their own exclusive brand for years on end. Our in-depth experience and continuous relationships have built our market expertise and trustworthiness.

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Create the right product and customer fit,
Get the right mix of innovation and experience,
Secure the best client and supplier connection,
Get the perfect customization and exclusivity balance

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